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You are invited to partner with us to save lives and change lives. You will become part of the solution to the mental health crisis.

Since 1914, Family Services Ottawa has quietly been working in our community to provide mental health support to children, adults and seniors. We have been providing services through educational programs, individual and couple counselling and community partnerships.

We simply need to ask for your help so we can support more people.

Our neighbours, our co-workers, our family or maybe even you, have experienced mental health challenges. There is nothing worse than feeling you have nowhere to turn. That is where Family Services Ottawa comes in and provides a lifeline.

People want to talk, and we want to listen and help to develop a path forward.

Whether through one-on-one counselling, workshops or art as therapy, people are reaching out to deal with various stressors in their lives.

Our friends and family want to live better lives. They want to be free of postpartum depression so they can enjoy every moment of their child’s life. They want to learn how to live a full life while discovering their own sexual orientation. They want to be the best parent they can be and break the cycle of abuse they may have experienced as a child. They want to talk about their financial pressures and the loneliness of being a senior. They want to talk about the challenge of living in a new country.

From mild to acute mental health challenges, the road can have lots of twists and turns.

As a champion of mental health, you too can help by being a strong supporter through every step of the way.

When we have the opportunity to work with someone with a chronic mental health issue, we know there is no magic switch. We know it is a long journey. Whether it be anxiety or depression, we will be there.

Our walk-in clinic is very popular as a way people can access the listening ear of a professional. Our art as therapy program is a great alternative for someone who has a difficult time expressing themselves through words. Our couples’ therapy is a way for two people to work through the pressures of everyday life including, communications, intimacy or financial stress.

Family Services Ottawa help many people on a daily basis. We see firsthand people walk through our doors in distress. We witness the pain they are experiencing through their mental health challenges. We also see their successes, their triumphs and receive notes of gratitude.

Hearing the voices of a young family leaving a counsellor’s office saying, “this was the best ever, bye, see you next week!” know we are changing lives.

The reality is we know we can help even more people overcome their mental health challenges. This is where you come in to the picture.

You are a part of the solution. You can help your neighbours, friends and family through Family Services Ottawa.

FSO’s remarkable achievements / What do our clients say?

FSO’s Annual Report 2017 – 2018

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